Potty Training Your Puppy

If you have brought a puppy into your home to care for, one part of the training you need to accomplish is potty training. It is important to work on training your dog right away so it does not become accustomed to the poor practice of going to the bathroom in areas of your home. Here are tips to help you teach your dog to use the outdoors as its bathroom.

Keep Treats On Hand For All Bathroom Excursions

Dogs favorably respond to commands when they are awarded. Never punish your puppy if it does not listen to your requests, as a reward system works much better to get the results you seek. Always keep a supply of small dog treats appropriate for puppies within reach so they can be given to your pet when it responds appropriately. Before you go outdoors, slip a few in your pocket.

Be Ready For Frequent Trips Outdoors

At first, your puppy will have no idea where it is supposed to go to the bathroom. You need to bring your dog outdoors as much as possible to avoid unfortunate toileting accidents. Walk around with your leashed puppy in an area you do not mind using for your dog's waste. If you do not have an area where waste can stay, bring along small plastic bags so you can pick it up right away. 

Look For Signs It Is Time To Go Outdoors

Observe your puppy's behavior while inside. After a few days to weeks, you will be more in tune with your dog's actions when it needs to go to the bathroom. It may visit an area where a previous toileting accident occurred or wait at the door you use most to bring it outdoors. If your puppy goes to a spot in your home to try going to the bathroom, say "no" firmly and immediately take the dog outdoors. As soon as you see your dog near the door, bring it outdoors.

Reward Your Dog When It Performs

When your puppy successfully goes to the bathroom outdoors, praise it right afterward, both verbally and with a treat. You can also pet your puppy as another way of rewarding it, but be sure to include a treat as a part of the process. Always repeat this response when your puppy properly uses the outdoors for toileting. After your puppy successfully alerts you that it needs to go outdoors and does not have accidents inside for quite some time, you can stop the treat portion of the rewarding process.

If you need help training your puppy, reach out to a puppy training professional