Getting A New Puppy? Make Sure You Get Dog Training

If you are getting a new puppy, there are many things you should do to ensure it stays healthy. This includes eating well and getting enough exercise. One other thing you should do is take your dog to a dog trainer. Below is information on different types of trainers so you can find one and get started. 

Positive Reinforcement Dog Training

One popular type of dog training is using positive reinforcement. This is rewarding your dog when they do something right. For example, if you tell your dog to sit and they do so, you would give them a treat. You may give your dog a treat if they are quiet for you, if they do not bark when they hear noises outside, and much more. 

With positive reinforcement, you never give your dog a treat if they do not do something right. Instead, simply ignore your dog. They will learn from this, and this will increase their desire to act better. 

Choose treats your dog does not get often to entice them even more. Treats made with peanut butter are popular, along with meaty treats. Keep the treats out of the way in your pocket, in a bag, etc. Make sure the treats are healthy, however, as this type of training may last a few weeks. 

Negative Punishment Dog Training

Negative punishment does not involve scolding your dog but instead is a way to train them. With this, the object the dog wants are taken away from them. This is also a popular type of dog training. This involves leaving the room if your dog barks at you. To do this, you may need to use a dog gate so your dog cannot follow you. 

Keep toys in the room so your dog may choose to play on their own when you leave. After a few minutes, you walk back into the room and start playing with your dog. For example, play with the toy with them or show them extra love and attention. 

This also involves turning your body away from your dog if they jump on you or barks at you. If your dog is playing with other dogs, such as at a dog park, and they have inappropriate behavior, you would remove your dog instead of scolding them. 

Talk with a few dog trainers to learn much more about both positive reinforcement and negative punishment dog training. You can then decide what you would like best for your dog.

For more information about dog training, contact a local trainer.