3 Reasons To Schedule Training For Your Dog Before Introducing Your Baby

When you're expecting a baby, there are some common concerns over whether your dog will be comfortable with the new addition to your family. Before your baby comes home with you, it's essential to schedule training for your dog to make the adjustment a lot easier.

While you may feel confident about how well-behaved your dog is, there's always the concern that they could react unexpectedly towards the baby. Scheduling training with the following benefits in mind can ensure that you're able to have your dog ready for the new baby.

Adjust Their Schedule

As a dog owner, you're likely aware of how much your dog sticks to a specific routine. You don't want to stress out your dog by sudden changes in terms of when they'll be eating, where they'll be sleeping, and adjustments in their bedtime.

Before bringing home your baby and expecting your dog to quickly adjust to the new routine, working with a trainer can allow you to ask questions about changing up their schedule in advance. Setting a new bedtime and getting your dog comfortable with eating in a specific area can ensure that adjustments will be much easier.

Baby-Proof Your Home

One of the best things to do when you're expecting a baby is to baby-proof your home so that it's safe for them to grow up in. When you own a dog as well, it's essential to see what can be done to make your home safe for both your dog and baby.

Baby-proofing your home with your dog in mind can include picking up a crate for your dog to sleep in, as well as checking whether you need to add safety gates to the bottom of the stairs. Working with a trainer can ensure that you include suitable babyproofing with your dog in mind.

Refresh Any Commands

Training your dog to follow some basic commands is essential for preventing unwanted behavior, such as eating spilled food off the floor or jumping up on you while you're holding the baby. While these commands may not be unfamiliar to your dog, training with a professional can refresh their memory and ensure that they'll be easy to handle when you have a new baby at home.

Scheduling dog training before you bring home a baby can help reduce the chance of any accidents happening. Before you commit to any training class, the above benefits and tips can help you choose the ideal training for your dog and help make the addition to your family much more comfortable. 

Contact a local dog trainer to get started.