Tips For Training Your Dog

There are many different ways to train your dog. Many may not work, just remember that you should never punish your dog when they do something wrong. This will only make them anxious and afraid of you, which is not what you want for your furry companion. Here are some tips for training your pet the right way.

Where Do You Start?

Training your dog the right way can solve many behavioral problems, make walks more enjoyable, and teaches your pup good manners.

Every dog is different, so the training needs to be personalized. Think about the behaviors that are causing problems for your pup, then think about how you can work with their natural inclinations to stop these behaviors.

Your dog might need better house manners, less barking, better social skills around other dogs, or more focus on commands like "sit." The bottom line is that it's important to make sure you understand what problem behaviors you need to tackle first.

Use a Reward System

The best way to train a dog is to use a reward-based system. This means that your pup gets a treat when they perform the desired behavior. The treats don't always have to be food, playtime with their favorite toy can also be used. You know your pup best, so you can choose other rewards that they would like.

If there are certain behaviors you want your dog to stop doing, such as jumping up on people then make sure you reward them when they do something good, like sitting. Just ignore them when they do the bad thing, this will send a message.

Examine Current Behavior

Sit down and take a look at what your pup is currently doing. Are they doing something naughty like digging up the garden every day, or have they only done this once?

If they have not yet developed a repetitive unwanted behavior, then you will want to exercise patience while training them. If they have already developed a habit that you don't like, it's going to take much more work, and you may need some professional help to train your dog.

Keep in mind, though, that if your dog is new to your house or family, it might be helpful for them if they have a few weeks where they can just relax and watch how you and your family behave. This will help them understand what is expected of them in their new home.

Training your dog may take some effort, but once you get it right, you will be able to enjoy your pet a whole lot more. Talk to a local dog training service for more tips and tricks.