Dogs Acting In Film

Most of the animals that you see in films are trained to do just what it is that you see them doing in the films. The horses are trained to rear up on command and the dogs are trained to look as if they are dying or attacking. The cats are trained to jump on the table and the goats are trained to run through the house. These are just a few examples of things trained animals can do on film. In order to get a better idea of the ways dogs are trained to be used in film, keep reading this article. It will explain some basic information on the subject, including some of the training techniques and other techniques that are used and some of the fascinating things the dog actors can be taught to do.

Training and techniques 

There are many different ways that dogs can be trained to do what it is that is going to be required of them in a film that they are going to be in. One common way to train dogs is with the use of a clicker, and this is called "clicker training". A clicker is used in conjunction with positive reinforcement at first, so the dogs learn that when they do something correctly, they get something positive. This is usually a treat, but it can also be something else, such as affection or to play with the trainer for a few moments. 

Other techniques are also used in order to get dogs to do certain things in films. For example, an actor may have something tasty smeared on their face in order to get a dog to lick them all over their face in a scene. 

Some things dogs are trained to do in films

Attack — Any attack scene you have seen in fictional films are done with dogs that are trained to act out the roles in the way you see them. The dogs may be attacking a person or they may be attacking another animal. They may be acting out a vicious dog fight. 

Mourn — When you see a dog look as if it is mourning the death of its owner or someone else in a film, the scene can look so real it may even bring tears to your eyes. However, the dog has been trained to do just what you are watching on the TV. 

Have human traits — There are many films where you will see dogs doing something like pushing a stroller or reading a book. The dogs have been trained to do everything you see on cue. So, when a word is said or when the clicker is clicked, they will follow through with acting out the scene.

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